Search for Photos

Search operates on keywords, file names, album titles and image captions. It matches albums containing the search terms, as well as individual images. The search results page will contain two sections, displaying returned albums and returned images separately.

Photos that match on keywords will feature higher in the results. Searching on photos is done primarily on keywords, and secondarily on matches of title, caption and filename. Searches are further ordered based on the proportion of search terms found in the fields.

Search accepts required and omitted terms, and defaults to “OR” behavior. “OR” behavior means that a search for “lion tiger” would return all hits for either “lion” or “tiger”.

To insist on a term, use “+” (plus) in front of that term, so that "+kenya +lion" would only return photos of lions in kenya. To exclude a term, use “-” (minus); so that "lion - kenya" would return all lion photos except those from kenya

To search a string of words as if it were a single term, wrap it in either single or double quotation marks: "blue tit"